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Sunday, December 25, 2016


Christmas time has always been full of magic for me , even as I got older there was still magic in it...from baking cookies to decorating the tree there is that Christmas magic. This year though I am a bit overwhelmed....I feel lost because of the loss of my mother. I have all month put on a happy face and pretended to enjoy setting up the tree, take part in get together's, lunches and everything associated with the season....a mask I guess you could say, so no one would know just how sad I am.
I am grateful for all those in my life, I am grateful for all they do.....but have you ever felt so alone while sitting with a wonderful group of people around you? This is exactly how this Christmas has felt. I find myself counting down the days until it is over....until this whole year is over. I only want  to sleep and not deal with everyone and that is sad for if you have ever met me I am very outgoing. It is so hard to pretend to be Holly Jolly, so as I sit here alone in the house all this has flooded into me and I felt I needed to release it....they say wrighting it down helps get it out. 
What I hope in 2017 is that a muse will swoop down and touch my soul and wala the art begins to flow out once more, only time will tell and for that matter heal.
I hope you have a merry Christmas and if you are a struggling artist with a major case of Artist block like myself just remember 2017 is a new year, you get to start fresh and maybe if we just give ourselves permission to play life wont seem so closed in on us.
Have a blessed year.

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