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Monday, August 7, 2017


So a few weeks ago a very wise person said something to me that put fire under my bum and really got me to thinking....she said "God gave you a gift and when you turn your back on that gift it is a shame". She was talking about my artistic talent. 
Then that got me to thinking that I have been so wrapped up in the grief of first loosing all the supplies to create with (I have since replaced all of those products) and then last November I lost my mom and both my dogs with in months of each other that I did not feel inspired and sunk further into depression. After the words above I thought about it because I felt when my mom died I had lost my muse, but did I really? I dont think so I think as I sit and draw and create she is right there with me guiding my hand to create amazing works. So these last few weeks I sat down and became inspired by people and celebrations in my life and I created 7 new pieces to work on this year. For some of them they are the first in new series that I am starting like my Gem stone series, Lotus Blossom Series and the Celtic Goddess collection. 
I will say I am very happy to be out of the slump and what I will do is share the pieces as I work on them so you all can see them as they are being done.
So shine the spotlight and lets do some art and color the world beautiful!
Have a beautiful day
Lee Anne

My study for this years Christmas Card
"Merry and Bright"

Study for "The Morigan" from the Celtic Goddess Collection.

Study for "Butterfly" part of the Lotus Blossom collection.

The study for "Stardust"

The study for  "Mother Nature"

Study for "Garnet" the first in the Gem stone Series

The study for the second piece in the Gem Stone collection "Amethyst"

So keep checking back and I will be placing updates here.