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Monday, April 17, 2017


Sometimes simple gestures are the biggest inspirations in ones life. Recently a very good friend of mine sent me some amazing roses, they were rainbow you may be asking why were these so much more special than any other roses the friend could have sent me? Well at the time they sent them I was going through not only a hard time (Easter was on it's way and it was my first Easter without my mom) but also some health issues that had gotten me down and when I received these amazing flowers through their beauty and artistic flair they became that ray of sunlight that my life needed at the moment. I kept thinking to myself what an amazing gift to an artist and maybe through god my friend was led to send these....I have always believed that there are angels on earth they come at times of need when we are surrounded by darkness. And one of my angels sent roses to inspire me and lift me up.
So what I propose is that we all be angels to those we care about and for no reason do something nice for one another because you never know just how it could touch someone in need.
Bright Blessings

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring in bloom...inspiration still hibernating

Every day I get up with the good intentions of doing art....embracing that gift that god gave me, but I just stare at the blank page waiting for something to spring forth from the inspirational well....and nothing. I love spring with it's warm days and cool nights all the world is reborn again...kind of like a phoenix rising from the ashes with death springs life. So how do I channel that idea to let my artist block die and spring forth with inspirational life? This answer eludes me on a daily basis. Thinking back to when I would eat breath and sleep art there was never any trouble with it I had a head full of ideas and not enough time to do them all. So I wander down the hall opening all the doors looking for the ideas and inspirations that lay just beyond my reach.
So I will get out side breath in the life that surrounds me and each day draw something I am greatful for....yes, I am going to sit down and do an art journal and see how this helps me. I will keep you all updated on the progress and if you have gone through an artist block and pulled your way out share what tricks you used to help.
Have a great Spring
Lee Anne

Saturday, January 28, 2017


So recently I had another birthday.....yes I am willing to admit even I am getting older. But this birthday I had to stop and think about my mortality and just what am I leaving as a legacy. We all want to leave a lasting impression on the pages of history and I just started wondering what is mine....what am I leaving behind that people will stop and go oh yeah that Leanne she was amazing because she.....and I could not think of a single thing. This I find sad and want to make a change to leave something, so I am racking my brain thinking...then it hit me! I have friends and family who will remember me fondly, I work a job where every day it impacts lives for the better and I have my art that speaks long past my speaking voice has been silenced. A legacy does not have to be some huge monstrous achievement but the little things that made up your life. So I will continue down the path touching lives as I go and that my friends is Legacy enough. So I am working on getting my studio together still cleaning out things then it will be time to move in and then there is no excuse to why art is not being done. Let us all go out and do what we love and in the process create our own legacy!