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Saturday, January 28, 2017


So recently I had another birthday.....yes I am willing to admit even I am getting older. But this birthday I had to stop and think about my mortality and just what am I leaving as a legacy. We all want to leave a lasting impression on the pages of history and I just started wondering what is mine....what am I leaving behind that people will stop and go oh yeah that Leanne she was amazing because she.....and I could not think of a single thing. This I find sad and want to make a change to leave something, so I am racking my brain thinking...then it hit me! I have friends and family who will remember me fondly, I work a job where every day it impacts lives for the better and I have my art that speaks long past my speaking voice has been silenced. A legacy does not have to be some huge monstrous achievement but the little things that made up your life. So I will continue down the path touching lives as I go and that my friends is Legacy enough. So I am working on getting my studio together still cleaning out things then it will be time to move in and then there is no excuse to why art is not being done. Let us all go out and do what we love and in the process create our own legacy!