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Monday, March 7, 2016


Here in Texas Winter was just a blink and in came spring, so on Sunday there was a crispness to the air and I started dreaming of an art piece that I wanted to do entitled "The Whisper of winter" a girl that is dressed all in white with tattered cloths and in her hand a blooming rose to signify winters death and springs birth. Then as I was on Pinterest the most wonderful artist playground out there I came across the most amazing picture that inspired me beyond beilief (it is below) and she became the muse for the piece. So I will be setting to work this week and getting it sketched out then I will share her with you here.....truly art works in mysterious ways and muses can be found everywhere!
So look around you today and tell me where did you find your muse today?
Bright  Blessings

Sunday, March 6, 2016


So recently I went to a craft retreat in Smithville Texas and I was surrounded by amazingly talented artist and breathtaking nature. what I found was how being sequestered in the surroundings I was in I began to find myself artistically. Perhaps it was the energy of the other ladies....or perhaps it was being around nature which to me has always been gods sketchbook so how can one not be inspired by things that are naturally beautiful.
What I also found out is that it was easier for me to pick up a pencil and sketch which then led to adding color and finally snowballed into finishing a piece so what ever it was I found myself for that brief moment able to break out of the bindings of artist block and actually draw, ink and paint.
Many thanks to the lovely ladies who inspired me that weekend (you know who you are) and for nature who shared her beauty with me.
Sadly the retreat venue we were at is closing at the end of this year but I feel honored to have walked the paths of her garden.
So if you are one like me who finds every day life blocking the artistic mojo I implore you to surround your self with things and people who can stir the inner working of your creative juices.
Bright Blessings
Lee Seed