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Friday, November 18, 2016


I think the hardest thing to overcome in a persons life is loss, loss of a loved one, loss of creativity or loss of possessions. This is a mountain you climb to get over this feeling and I wonder if you ever really get over it....because you may stash it into a far corner of your mind but all it takes is another loss and those items you have stored away come tumbling out of the closet to land on top of you. A few weeks ago I lost my mother, she was my biggest cheer leader when it came to my artistic expression. At an early age she put me into painting classes, bought me color books and put up with me painting on my curtains. And as I am sitting here thinking in allot of ways she was one of those muses that moved me to reach into my imagination and pluck something out and put it on canvas or paper and how do you get over the loss of a muse? I dont think you ever do but you can channel that loss and put it into your art and see what comes of it. This is what I am currently doing pouring my sorrow into melancholy art that probably no one will ever see. I am also doing a positive thing creating an artistic space for myself from her artistic space. She had this amazing sewing room that when my dad died she gave I am taking the room and creating my art space and what I hope from all this is that this space will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and new art will have life breathed into it.
So I guess what I am getting at that even though I lost the physical muse that was my mom she still lives on in this creative space that I am creating. So stay tuned to see what erupts from all this.


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