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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Let Summer Inspire you and humid here in Katy Texas but so much inspiration can be found all around you if you look. We live in a society where we rush around not looking at the little things that can inspire us not only creatively but soulfully. One of my Mecas is the beach and I love because it is only 45 minutes from me but second the life on an island town is laid back and easy so when you are there you tend to take it all in and savor the little a sea shell found on the beach....a wave that crashes against a jetti....the smell of salt in the air. Now you dont have to travel to the beach to find little beauties of summer....look up notice the changing of the clouds or the color in the trees that went from that soft spring green to deep green and now because of the lack of rain are a yellow green. Go outside brave the heat and find inspiration in the small things of summer.

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